dimanche 29 mai 2016

Frisco Vega - Midnight Workshop (2016)

01.Intro (Prod. by Jazzinuf)
02.No Memory (Prod. by Flux the Cynic)
03.Thank You, Comrade (Prod. by Volfworks)
04.The Institute feat. MayoHD (Prod. by Josh Mason)
05.Sommo's Interlude
06.No Need (Prod. by Sp//W)
07.Nightwatch (Prod. by Josh Mason)
08.This Afternoon feat. Don' Kashif (Prod. by . b e s s o ne .)
09.No Worries (Prod. by Jazzinuf)
10.35 Bodies feat. Vonny (Prod. by Zeus the Elevated)
11.Frisco's Memoir (Prod. by mt. fujitive)

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