jeudi 26 mai 2016

Riley Writtens - The Writual (2016)

01.The Writual (Feat. Nikki DaVinci & Ian Wellz)
02.Hello (skit)
03.Heroine Joint (Feat. Nina B)
05.Gotta Go
06.Blush's Red Light Special
08.R.I.P. (Feat. YoungHope)
09.Name Of The Game (Feat. L.O.S.T.)
10.A Song About Charlie
11.The Moan
12.Midnight Hour (Feat. Ian Wellz)
13.Porno Flicks II
14.My Way Home (Feat. Trills)
15.Upside Gangbang (Feat. Reav, Sladeone & L.O.S.T.)
16.Writual Outro

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