mardi 17 mai 2016

Petey Pastel - Electric Palm Trees (2016)

01.Electric Palm Trees
02.Inside the Spot
03.Totem Pole (feat. Strangestarr)
04.Red Rap (feat. Awol One)
05.Repetitive Eloquence
06.'92 Mall Rats
07.Abundance (feat. Peaceful Solutions & Ron Contour)
08.Take the Cake  (feat. Mad One & Tone of the Cosmos)
10.Cloudy Catacombs (feat. Cooley Fly)
11.Irrelevant Elephants
12.Pink Lemonade (feat. Tone of the Cosmos & Dusty Grin)
13.The Man (feat. Ron Contour & Tone of the Cosmos)
14.Operation Snooze

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