dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Chinch 33 - Yuma (2016)

02.Seeds ft Praduct
03.At Night ft Smoovth
04.Excel & Prevail ft Mars Mckinns & J.R
05.Sour Flowers ft Hus Kingpin
06.Night Time Valley ft Slim Pickens, Logic Marselis & Tiff The Gift
07.Under Pressure ft King James
08.Fallin' ft Logic Marselis & Stephen Hicks
09.Mayhem ft Rozewood
10.Murderous ft Nutso, Shabaam Saahdeeq & Hus Kingpin
11.Steady Shooter ft Hus Kingpin & Apani B
12.Andromeda ft John Robinson
13.Your 2.0 ft D Strong, Wildelux & Mecca Starr
14.Art Brilliant ft Smoovth
15.Dipsomania ft Dillon
16.Elevating ft Venomous2000, Ryan-O'neil & Tribeca
17.Evil Be Gone ft King James & Tiff The Gift
18.One Point ft Slim Pickens & Wildelux

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