jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Michael Piffsmoke - The Book of Piffsmoke Vol.2 (2016)

01.Ransom (Produced by Dj Big Beats)
02.Blackberry (Produced by Oleg Oksanich)
03.Say Hello! (Produced by Blocade NSP) ft Indigo Black
04.Run Up (Produced by Antagonist Dragonspit)
05.Casa Forte (Produced by Dublohskytzo)
06.Babygurl (Produced by Vanilla) ft Jamil Jasey
07.On my way ft Brynan Avery (Produced by Antagonist Dragonspit)
08.Special (Produced by Phil Chronic)
09.My Vision ft Michael Piffsmoke x Indigo Black & Snugg Robinson (Produced by Dj Big Beats)
10.Something Inside (Produced by Dibb Stack)
11.Still Stand ft Michael Piffsmoke & B Am I (Produced by So Basic)
12.Best Friends (Produced by Dj Big Beats)
13.What Does It Mean  (Produced by Dj Big Beats)
14.Pearls ft Snugg Robinson (Produced by So Basic)
15.Traces ft Antagonist Dragonspit & Kalonji  The Immortal (Produced by Dj Big Beats)
16.S.I.C. ft Kalonji The Immortal (Produced by Piffery)
17.A New Way ft Michael Piffsmoke x Kalonji The Immortal x Snugg Robinson (Produced by Dj Big Beats)

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